Jessica Remmers, Actress, Healthy Happy Food & Lifestyle Blogger

"Tricia has been a loyal advisor, confidante, & friend that I trust to always speak into my life from a place of love, compassion, wisdom, & non-judgment. Her knowledge & passion for God's heart sets her apart from others when it comes to seeking strong advice on issues from personal to business. Tricia is a gifted storyteller & when she shares her experiences she speaks from her heart with humor & insight that is immediately relatable, & helps me feel understood & empowered."

Evie Deaton, Photographer

"I just love how real you are & every time we speak it feels like we've never missed a beat. Your openness & honesty, not just in your own life, but how you see mine, is something I appreciate. I've always come away from one of our sessions & conversations with feeling like God has spoken something to me through you. Your trueness is genuine & comes from the right place. Gifted for sure! So blessed to be able to know you & work with you."

Jini Nicolas, Independent Consultant

"I met Tricia after a conference back in May 2014 & began sharing with her some insight I had gained. I am a broken person, so tears came suddenly rolling down, & Tricia came to sit next to me. Unfortunately, I can not recall what exactly she had said, however, I do recall that it was not just words of comfort. I felt God's presence through Tricia. She breathed life into my soul & even kissed my cheek. When she did, it felt as if it was from God. Since that moment, I knew I would be able to trust & work with her. I don't know what it is, but I know I am safe to share & confide with her. There is no judgment. Just love & biblical truth from her. Tricia is a woman of God, strong in her faith, & she is one of few women I admire."

Aparna Bhargava, Music Business Manager

"My family & I are so grateful to have met Tricia & have her be part of our lives. She has played an integral part in my son's development with leadership skills, social skills, & self confidence. Tricia has an absolutely wonderful rapport with children & adults. She has a superb talent to understand children, to help them understand themselves, & to offer them guidance which results in positive self-assurance. My son absolutely adores her & always looks forward to conversing with her, where he feels safe & comfortable, about a variety of subjects, whether it be school, friends, or family. Tricia has been, & continues to be, a fundamental part of our lives. We are so happy to have met her & would highly recommend her to any family who is looking for any type of life-coaching, whether it be for children, adults, or families as a whole."

Veronica Gonzalez-Alassaf, Educator

"Tricia asks the right questions that have led me to very solid decisions. She has helped me focus & prioritize what is important in my personal & professional life. She supported me as I applied the concepts of being present & making space. I have been better able to look at myself in a way that has led me to be true to my desires & passion. I have learned to keep my eyes on my own work & not compare myself to others. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Tricia."

Jennifer Buonantony, CEO Press Pass LA

"I've known & worked with Tricia Lyn Scott for the last six years. She is one of those people whose personality immediately draws you in. She is someone I consider a great mentor & friend, & whose advice I trust on professional & personal matters. She has a way of making you get out of your own way, clear the clutter in your mind, & focus on the goal & how to achieve it! I definitely recommend spending some time with Tricia if you're in need of a positive light in your life."

Cassie Bishop, Mompreneur, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

"Tricia has been such a blessing to me & my family. Her wisdom & compassion far surpass her obligations to me, or anyone for that matter. Tricia is always joyful, bringing sunlight to all my dark days. She is a courageous & creative entrepreneur, & always pushes me beyond my limits to achieve more than I could ever imagine before. She has a deep love for Jesus & a God-given gift of communication. It is often that I sense her words are straight from the Holy Spirit, speaking life into my soul. I am truly grateful that God has blessed me with her mentorship & friendship."








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